Report: KGH teacher was ‘sugar daddy’

Investigators found he had sex with 17-year-old student, bought her clothes

A teacher at a Kew Gardens Hills school reportedly was the “sugar daddy” to a 17-year-old student he was having sex with.

The New York Post reported last Friday that a probe by the city’s Special Commissioner of Investigations into Martin Howfield, who taught Spanish at the North Queens Community High School until last November, discovered some disturbing things.

Howfield, a 56-year-old who is certified to practice law, provided a student at the school with an internship that the Department of Education paid for, according to the tabloid. The internship ostensibly involved the teen working at a law office run by the teacher but that reportedly did not actually happen.

The Post said that the address courts had for the office is for a house on Long Island.

According to the publication, Howfield said that he would pay the teenager $300 a month so that he could be her “sugar daddy.” It is alleged he bought her shoes and panties and went to a McDonald’s in Jamaica with her. The girl reportedly told officials that she had oral sex and intercourse with the former teacher in his car after they went shopping. She also reportedly said that she sent pictures of her genitalia and buttocks to him.

According to the Post, the same 17-year-old also set him up with another girl of the same age with whom Howfield had phone sex which he was supposed to give money for but did not. He also reportedly said that he was watching child porn during the phone sex but the publication said that the SCI did not find child porn on the DOE computer that he used.

Howfield could not be reached for comment by the Chronicle. The SCI said it had referred Howfield’s case to the office of Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

“[W]e do not disclose any details about investigations — including whether or not we are investigating any particular person or matter,” a Brown spokeswoman said.

The DOE told the Chronicle that the former teacher started working as a substitute in 1990 and began at the North Queens Community High School in April 2012. He “was reassigned to a central office” last June before ultimately resigning in November.

“Mr. Howfield was immediately reassigned away from students when the allegations were initially reported,” an agency spokesman said in an emailed statement. “He resigned before any disciplinary action could be taken and is no longer eligible to work at DOE schools.”

Howfield’s Facebook page describes him as a “Grandpa...Abuelito...Dad, Son, Friend, Teacher, Lover, Believer.”

Seventeen years old is the age of consent in New York.

— Ryan Brady