Built-out bus stops nearly ready in LIC

Q102 ‘bulbs’ at 31st Street and 39th Avenue await sign-off from NYC DOT

Riders of the Q102 bus route in Long Island City soon will be back at their old but new bus stops by the steps of the 39th Avenue N/W elevated subway tracks.

The north- and southbound stops, at the intersection of 31st Street and 39th Avenue, were moved about half a block each beyond their normal positions last year, according to the MTA, to allow the city Department of Transportation to build out the corners with “bus bulbs.”

They have new benches, and thanks to the sidewalks at the bus stops being extended to the edge of the travel lanes, riders can now be standing out of the roadway while directly adjacent to it.

The vertical support girders for the tracks make it impossible for buses to pull up directly to the curb beneath that stretch of the tracks.

“When you’re back on the sidewalk, the drivers might not see you,” Ramona Pabon of Astoria said last Wednesday, still using the temporary stop while standing between lanes half a block north of 39th Avenue.

Pabon also said that a drawback to the temporary stops is that people having to go from a bus to a train or vice versa are now forced to hurry when they see or hear their connection arriving while they are still about half a block away.

A resident last week contacted the Chronicle, concerned about the safety of the temporary stops, which had riders waiting next to the support girders, standing between the main roadway and a curbside parking lane.

The MTA said the work was completed last month, and that all that was needed is for the DOT to act on its request to move the bus stops back.

Visits by the Chronicle last Wednesday and Friday determined that some drivers already are discharging and picking up passengers from the new bus bulbs, while also picking up riders from the temporary stops down the block.