Congratulations, civic and environmental activists of East Elmhurst and Flushing Bay! We did it! You did it. You defeated the folly of the LaGuardia Airport AirTrain planned by former Gov. Cuomo. No longer is the idea that people will ride the rails from Manhattan all the way to Citi Field and then back along the bay to the airport being taken seriously. The Port Authority, following the lead of Gov. Hochul, announced Tuesday that the proposal has been shelved.

Yes, something must be done to alleviate vehicular traffic going to and from the airport. But this misguided AirTrain that would have ruined the Malcolm X. Promenade along the bay was never the answer.

One might worry that the plan is only temporarily on hold. Don’t be. With all the infrastructure money the city and state hope to get from Washington, this was the project’s time. Shelving it now likely means shelving it forever, or close enough. Remember that last scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” in the warehouse? That’s where the AirTrain plan has gone. Never to be seen again, even by “top men.” Good riddance.

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Irish Red

That the current misguided airtrain plan has been abandoned is a good thing.

However, nearly every major city worldwide has a single-vehicle public transportation system from center city to its airport(s)--except NYC.

When the JFK Airtrain was being built, it should have been extended along the Van Wyck to the Flushing Number 7 Main Street station, providing one-train service between Port Authority-Times Square-Fifth Avenue-Grand Central and JFK without forcing passengers to change trains with their luggage.

The same logic should be applied to LaGuardia public transportation. Add a LaGuardia stop on the Flushing line

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